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Don't Overlook These Small But Necessary Car Repairs

Some necessary car repairs are obviously very serious, and car owners know that such repairs need immediate attention; for example, if your car's brakes fail or you cannot control the steering wheel, then you know to get the car to a mechanic as quickly as possible! However, other needed car repairs are somewhat smaller and may seem very minor and incidental, but they can still put you and other drivers in danger and lead to even larger repair bills before too long. To ensure you can always control your vehicle as needed, and to ensure you avoid even more damage to your car or truck, note a few seemingly small but very necessary car repairs you don't want to overlook.

Sliding when braking

Even if your car comes to a stop when you brake, if you notice that it slides or seems to get away from you when you apply the brake pedal, you don't want to overlook this problem. This often means that the brake pads are worn down and are not gripping the rotors as they should, so the tyres then turn or slide from this pressure against them.

This sliding or pulling can also mean the tyres are not properly aligned or balanced, and this can lead to even more difficulty in controlling the car as the tyres wear down unevenly. Also, the parts that are attached to the tyres, such as the tie rods and struts, will suffer more wear and tear. Any time you apply the brakes and feel the vehicle skid or slide, or you otherwise lose control, have the vehicle checked for needed repair.

Oil leaks

An oil leak can sometimes be very minor and you can simply add oil as needed to ensure the engine is properly lubricated and cooled. However, you don't want to think of this as a long-term solution, as an oil leak can allow an engine to run hotter than it should, so it suffers early wear. These leaks also usually just get worse over time; in turn, the car's engine could then outright seize up, and this is very dangerous as well as expensive to fix. Have your mechanic patch up whatever damaged areas are allowing your car's engine oil to leak as soon as you notice this problem. He or she can replace hoses and even the oil compartment as needed, and this will ensure the vehicle's engine is always in good repair.

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