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Is Your Vehicle Trying to Tell You That It Needs an Alignment?

If your car or truck needs a wheel alignment, you don't want to put off getting this job done. Improperly aligned tyres will put added wear and tear on many components of the steering system, causing them to break down sooner than they should. An improper alignment can also cause pull and drag while driving, reducing your fuel economy. In some cases, misaligned tyres might also cause your car or truck to skid or slide when you apply the brakes, so that you lose control of your vehicle.

However, it might not always be obvious that your vehicle needs an alignment. To ensure you know when to take your car or truck to a shop for a wheel alignment, and to ensure your vehicle is always in good working order while on the road, note a few signs of misaligned wheels here.


As said, misaligned tyres can cause pull or drag while driving, but you may not notice this once you achieve some speed on the road. Drag during acceleration might be more noticeable when tyres are misaligned, and you may even feel the vehicle pulling to one side or another when you give it gas. A loss of pickup can mean issues with the exhaust or a sticking brake pad, but if you feel actual pulling or dragging when accelerating, and not just slow pickup, this often means the vehicle needs an alignment.

Squealing of the tyres when you accelerate can also signal the need for an alignment, as this dragging of the rubber against the road often produces a squealing sound. In some cases, this can also signal an issue with a sticking brake pad, but if the brakes are fine, have the vehicle checked for a needed alignment.

Uneven vehicle height

You might not realize that an uneven vehicle height can signal that your car or truck needs an alignment, but if the tyres are not aligned properly, they may be putting added stress on shocks and struts; in turn, the vehicle body may seem to sag or dip in one area. Uneven vehicle height due to it being overloaded on one side, or in the trunk area, can also cause the tyres to become misaligned. If you notice your vehicle seems to be at an uneven height in the front or back, or along any tyre, have it checked for a needed alignment, as well as for potential damage to the shocks and struts.

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