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Understanding more about driving school curriculums

The main purpose of Australian driving schools is to prepare new drivers to operate vehicles safely while on the road. While passing the driving test is a top priority for most trainees, the test itself plays only a partial role in the overall driving curriculum.

The entire driving school learning process is aimed at instilling in-depth knowledge of road regulations, awareness of different situations, and safe driving skills. In order to achieve this goal, it's important for driving students to understand the different components of their driving curriculum so they can be prepared to get the most out of their time in driving school.

Lesson Packages

Because every driver is different, there are many different packages that are designed for students in driving schools. Some people are completely new to driving, while others simply need a refresher course. Some may have had their licence revoked and need to undergo the entire process again in order to obtain a new licence.

Driving schools tend to cater their lesson packages to meet the needs of various students. For example, there are packages that vary in the amount of lessons you will take or the time that you will spend during each lesson. Some packages consist of 45-minute lessons, one-hour lessons, and even 90-minute lessons. The driving school instructors will evaluate your abilities when signing up so they can recommend the best package for you.

Pricing and payments

The pricing model for driving schools is often quite simple; the more time you spend training, the more you will pay. Longer sessions will typically command a higher pay, but this can vary when the lessons are combined into a comprehensive package. You may find that 3 lessons of one hour each may cost less than 6 lessons of 30 minutes each. In addition, the breadth of training that you will need will also affect the overall cost.

Most driving schools tend to charge for the package you select rather than charging by each individual lesson. This model tends to benefit drivers more because you can go through the entire package that you selected and receive all the necessary training at a fixed price.

Preparing for the test

Any useful driving school curriculum also adequately prepares you for the driving test. While this should not be the sole focus of the curriculum, the driving test evaluates your ability to operate a vehicle safely on Australian roads. The curriculum therefore familiarises you with the format of the test and how you can make sure you know enough to pass.

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