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Automotive Air Conditioning – Signs This System Is On the Verge of Failure

Your car's air conditioning system usually may not be of high concern to you, but this is when it is up and running in top-notch condition. The moment that it begins to lose its ability to function as it is supposed to, you quickly realise how indispensable this system is. Motorists will usually wait until their air conditioning is down and out before they start to deliberate hiring a mechanic to check what the problem is. However, before your air conditioning system goes out, the various causes of malfunction will develop different symptoms. Therefore, it is up to you to discern these red flags and address the problem before issues become more aggravated than they should be. Here is a list of a couple of the signs that your automotive air conditioning is on the verge of failure.

Unfamiliar sounds coming from the unit

When your air conditioning system is in good working order, it will generally emit a low hum when it is in operation. Being a motorist, you should be accustomed to what noises are natural to your vehicle so that you can tell when something sounds off-kilter. The moment your automotive air conditioning system starts to sound weird to your ears, it should inspire you to have it professionally checked. For example, when you begin to hear rattling noises coming from the system, it could imply a component has broken off and is banging against other auto parts. Alternatively, if you start to hear grating noises, it could mean that the fan is in trouble.

Funky odours coming from the unit

Another red flag to put you on high alert is strange smells originating from the automotive air conditioning. One of the common reasons why your Ac may develop unpleasant odours is if there is mould breeding in the unit. Leaving the mould to grow unencumbered will not only give your vehicle a musty smell, but you will inadvertently be putting your respiratory health at risk too. Moreover, any individual that hitches a ride in your car will be at risk of inhaling fungal spores! Another reason why your air conditioning system will develop unusual smells is when its filters are clogged. Neglecting to clean or replace your filters as frequently as needed can increase the chances of bacterial phages thriving in your filters. Therefore, it would be mandatory to have a mechanic discern the cause of the funk and fix it. 

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