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Red Flags of Brake Repairs That Should Be Addressed Immediately

Routine servicing of your brake system is one of the vehicle maintenance measures that should never be put off. Not only do the components in your brakes have a shelf life, but your driving practices could also influence the rate at which the brakes succumb to damage. Luckily, your car will exhibit some symptoms that will hint at developing brake problems. Keeping in mind that your braking system is critical for your automotive safety, it is imperative to have your car checked whenever you notice any of these warning signs. So what are the red flags of brake repairs that should be addressed immediately? 

You are steadily losing control when driving

When your brakes are compromised, you may find that your car will develop a habit of pulling to one side of the road whenever you drive. Most commonly, the pulling indicates that there could be brake fluid leaking, which translates into diminished hydraulic pressure between the brake cylinder and brake pedal. Failure to have this sorted out in time can put you at risk of losing all control of your vehicle, which inevitably puts both you and other road users in harm's way.

You are experiencing resistance from your brakes

Brakes that are at peak performance will immediately respond to your foot when you press down on the brake pedal. You will not have to apply too much pressure nor wiggle your foot to get the desired response as you drive. The minute you notice your brakes are taking longer to respond to your signal or that you have developed a rough transition when slowing down, it is a clear indicator of compromised brakes. Another sign to be wary of is when the brake pedal feels either stiff or excessively spongy underfoot, which would cause you to utilise more force than you usually do. Resistance from your brakes is typically an aftereffect of excess air within the brake lines.

Your car is producing vibrations as you slow down

Slowing down your vehicle should not be a choppy affair. As long as your brakes are in excellent condition, decreasing your speed should be a smooth process. When the effect of slowing down begins to deviate from the norm with the onset of vibrations, you should be incited to see your mechanic immediately. These vibrations will typically manifest directly in the brake pedal or could spread right to your steering wheel. The sensation almost always indicates that your brake pads are done for and would require replacing.

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