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How to Buy Used Tyres Without Compromising on Performance

Buying new tyres can be quite expensive, especially if you had not planned for it. A suitable alternative can be to purchase used tyres that fit the size of your vehicle. With the important role that tyres have on vehicle operation, it is helpful to ensure that used tyres are of the right fit and are in good condition. It is also unwise to simply purchase the cheapest option available without carefully inspecting the tyres for performance and safety.

When looking into used tyres, consider the following factors.

Treading matters

Treading is the biggest indicator of the performance of a tyre. It is the treads that undergo the most contact with road surfaces and are most prone to getting worn out over time.

When looking at a used tyre, make sure the treading is at least 1.6 mm thick. You can have your mechanic measure the treading of tyres that you intend to buy before you finalise the purchase. In addition to treading, determining the mileage of the tyres is also important as part of the purchasing process.

Is it the right fit?

A tricky part to handling used tyres is determining if they are of the right fit. Check the current tyres of your vehicle and make sure that the dimensions match with what you intend to buy.

Confirm that the diameter, load capacity, radial construction and width are all the same as the ones on the used tyres that you're considering. If there are any variations in the tyre specifications, confirm with your mechanic first to make sure you're purchasing the right type of tyres.

Check the age

Like many other vehicle components, tyres tend to lose their performance with age. It is often not recommended to purchase tyres that are more than 6 years old. Very old tyres are not only more worn out in treading, but they also tend to fall in misalignment with the vehicle when driving.

This can result in steering complications, especially during inclement weather. To confirm the year of your tyres, check the serial number information on the outer surface of the tyre.

External and internal defects

Carefully inspect used tyres for extensive patches on both the interior and exterior surface. Patches indicate that the tyre has been punctured before and is more prone to future damage.

It may seem like you're saving money when purchasing a patched-up tyre at a lower cost, but this may end up costing you more in the long run when you will ultimately need a tyre replacement, or even worse, experience an accident. To verify that the tyre doesn't have any interior damage, it is a good idea to get an x-ray of the tyre surface from your mechanic or the seller.

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