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What You Need to Know About Gearbox Repair

Gearboxes are obviously found in vehicles, as part of the transmission system and within the drive train and steering components. Gearboxes are also used in industrial equipment and manufacturing machinery and are used in forklifts and other such mechanical equipment. If you're a car owner or manage a production facility of any sort, it's good to know a little bit about the use and maintenance of gearboxes so you know how to keep your car's transmission, and any machinery at your production facility that has a gearbox, in good working order.

Signs of gearbox failure

Don't assume that a gearbox needs to lock up in order for it to need repair or maintenance. In many cases, the teeth of the gears in the gearbox will wear down over time; when this happens, the gears may still spin even though they are not actually meshed together. You may then hear a loud whining sound caused by air rushing through gears that are not meshed. A vehicle may also pop out of gear, even while you're driving, since worn teeth are not strong enough to keep the gears properly meshed. When you notice these issues with a gearbox, have it repaired as quickly as possible.

Cause of failure

Overheating is one of the leading causes of gearbox failure, as too much heat will damage the metal of the gearbox teeth. Overheating can also cause lubricating fluid to become thin so that the teeth of the gearbox grind together.

This is why it's vital to note the condition of a vehicle's cooling system and ensure the radiator and fan are always working properly and to also ensure any gearbox in an industrial setting has proper ventilation and cooling. If you notice that your vehicle or machinery seems to be overheating, have this repaired immediately to protect all its mechanical components, but especially the gearbox.

Reconditioning and maintenance

Standard maintenance of a gearbox may include removing a filter and cleaning out anything that is trapped around it, lubricating the gears and buffing out scratches. This is not the same as reconditioning a gearbox, which often includes taking the gears apart entirely and replacing them as needed.

However, if your vehicle's transmission, or an industrial gearbox, is seizing up or has suffered damage, you can often have it reconditioned rather than replaced. This is less costly and may involve far less labour than having to completely remove the gearbox and install a new one. Don't hesitate to ask your mechanic or engineer about your gearbox repair.

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